our services


1- provider and supplier to hospitals , pharmacies, cosmetics, analytics laboratories ,IVF centers and more ….

3- providing of what the clients need as their requested .

General devices

5- providing and installing medical devices for various specialties and training the staff that working On the devices.

Health Care

2- providing the best international brands to all our clients .


4- sterilization services for hospitals and private clinics . .....


4- The sole agent for many global companies


The term “medical beauty” has been popularly used in recent years to describe services offered to consumers that improve cosmetic appearance through the treatment of a range of conditions such as skin wrinkles, excess fat, unwanted hair, skin discoloration, etc

We provide products that treat all kinds of skin problems mention above and from the best global  agencies.


facial pigmentation

wrinkle reduction

melasma treatment

surgical and acne scar treatment